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Shopper Sciences is a new kind of agency. One dedicated to understanding shoppers and shopper behavior. We use this understanding to help turn shoppers into customers.

Today more than ever, shoppers control the shopping process. To reach them effectively, brands and retailers must identify shopper influences and understand their decision making process well in advance of any purchase.

Shopper Sciences offices in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo help brands and retailers develop shopper intelligence programs, shopper-centric organizations, and simpler, more effective shopping experiences along the path to purchase.

Key Competencies

  • Shopper Intelligence
  • Shopper Infostructure
  • Shopper Strategy

Shopper Intelligence

Design, development, and management of integrated shopper intelligence platforms: data, research, and insights on brands, retailers, and shoppers.

Intelligence Audits: Rationalizing data and research overload — refocus on actionable insights.

Influence Mapping: Influencers prior, during and post-purchase.

Channel Alignment: Channel dynamics and retailer-specific insights.

In-Store Benchmarking: Analysis of best-in-class in-store executions — self and competition.

Shopper Infostructure

Design of shopper-centric organizations: integration of people, information, and technology.

Organizational Alignment: Rallying the entire organization behind the shopper.

Shopper Technology:Understanding how technology is reshaping purchase decisions.

Loyalty Programs: Data harnessing and integration.

Shopper Strategy

Design of shopper-centric strategies along the path-to-purchase — inside and outside the retail environment.

Shopper Communications: Pre, during, and post-purchase connection strategies.

Shopper Segmentation: Cluster-based communications.

Multichannel Strategies: Channel and retail-specific strategies.