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Brands are witnessing a radical transformation in the way people interact with them, and how much they trust them, every day. And our industry is transforming, driven by digital, social, and mobile platforms — which means a new world of shareable stories and content. So transformation is all around us.

But what we mean by transformation is a proactive endeavor, a desire to create positive change. To transform a brand is to create a permanent, positive change in its connection to the world.

Positive change in terms of business impact and social purpose. This relentless drive to improve a brand’s appeal and usefulness to the world is at the heart of our understanding of proactive transformation.

Ultimately, every brand is evaluated by both its consumers and its proprietors by the positive change it delivers.


Every Solution Starts with a Problem

Now this may sound obvious: naturally, every solution starts with a problem. But importantly, it starts with a problem that we define, and not simply one that the client gives us.

Truth is a Powerful Agent of Change

Finding the truth is our most important mission. Truth has the power to create shared belief and inspire actionbetween people and brands.

People Seek Ideas They Can Share

Ideas no longer just communicate. The best ideas tell stories that are shared widely and enthusiastically. We need to inspire these kinds of ideas.

Experiences Build Lasting Relationships

People look to brands to deliver experiences right now. Brands that make things happen for people, as opposed to just saying they will, create loyal fans that help propel the brand forward. The art is in weaving an experience for people that keeps them interested in and inspired by the brand.